Debt Review

We, at MSV Corporation have accrued many years of rigorous training in Debt Management and Counselling to become the fearless, undefeated crusaders for consumer justice we are today.

Debt management and counselling, also known as debt review, enables us to fulfill our main purpose in life, which is to fight for you the consumer to get back the DEBT-FREE life you once knew. How we do this is by reducing your current debt and negotiating for a new, more manageable restructured payment plan to be put in place for you with your creditors.

You can rest assured of our integrity and proficiency as debt management and counselling experts as our capable debt counsellors are highly qualified and fully compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). For more information, visit the NCR website.

Our understanding, supportive client service and legal team will arm you with shrewd budgeting tactics and iron-clad personalised financial management plans, so you can continue to uphold your own rights as a consumer under the National Credit Act, long after the debt management and counselling process is over.

Currently, over 10 million South Africans have fallen into debt by missing payments to their creditors. Debt is rapidly turning into an across the board issue, influencing individuals in all salary brackets and from all walks of life. MSV Corporation is an official debt management and counselling organisation aimed at helping individuals all over South Africa to reduce their current debt, through a new restructured payment plan with their credit providers.

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MSV Corporation Debt Management and Counselling

Benefits of Debt Management & Counselling
Quick, convenient services
No need to Travel to our Offices
Years of experience in debt management and counselling
No upfront payments required
Nationwide services across South Africa
We handle all your Creditors
Protection from creditors taking legal action
Reduced monthly installments and interest rates
Support, protection and guidance throughout process
You are not required to attend court
No more monthly arrears and debts
Become Debt Free Today!
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